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AFI: Delivering Exceptional Powder Coating with Unmatched Durability and Outstanding Service

We Build Projects
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AFI delivers value through tailored powder coating solutions. Our offerings include reliable service, competitive pricing, and an extensive palette of high-performance powder colors. Experience our in-house sandblasting for precision finishes. Discover more about our services and kickstart your project today.


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Our Process:

  • Powder Material: Our coatings are composed of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, available as thermoplastic or thermoset polymers, and come in an extensive array of colors and finishes.

  • Application: Using an electrostatic spray gun, the powder particles are electrically charged and adhere uniformly to the grounded surface of your product.

  • Curing: The coated items are then cured in an oven, where the powder melts and forms a smooth, durable film, enhancing the product's longevity.



  • Durability: Resistant to scratches, chips, and fading, ensuring a long-lasting finish.

  • Eco-Friendly: Emits negligible VOCs, making it an environmentally responsible choice.

  • Efficiency: Overspray can be recycled, minimizing waste.

  • Variety: Available in a wide range of colors and textures to suit any aesthetic.

What is Powder Coating? 

Powder coating is an advanced dry finishing technique that enhances both the protection and appearance of a wide range of materials, particularly metals. Renowned for its superior performance, powder coating is often the choice of discerning customers who demand the best, ensuring your products not only stand out but also command higher prices

Automotive Industry
Car, truck, motorcycle frames
​Engine parts and components
Suspension parts
Bumpers and trim
Exhaust components

Office furniture (desks, chairs, cabinets)
Outdoor furniture (tables, chairs, benches)
Metal bed frames and headboards
Shelving units, Storage racks

Industrial Equipment
Agricultural machinery
Construction equipment (e.g., excavators, cranes)
Industrial machinery and parts
Oil and gas industry equipment
Mining equipment

Architecture and Construction
Window and door frames
Metal roofing and siding
Fencing and railings
Building facades and panels
Structural steel components
Handrails and staircases

Rail components (e.g., train cars, tracks)
Aircraft parts and components
Marine and boat parts
Bicycle frames and components
Recreational vehicles (RVs) and trailers

Indoor and outdoor signs
Wayfinding signs
Commercial sign frames

Retail Displays
Store fixtures and shelving
Display racks and stands
Point-of-purchase displays
Public seating (e.g., park benches, stadium seats)
Playground equipment
Safety equipment (e.g., guardrails, barriers)
Art and sculptures
Grills and barbecues

Healthcare Components 
Medical equipment and devices
Hospital furniture (e.g., beds, wheelchairs, tables)
Laboratory equipment
Dental and veterinary equipment
Electronics Components
Computer and server racks
Electrical enclosures and boxes
Metal components of electronic devices
Heat sinks and other cooling components
Consumer Goods
Bicycles Sports equipment (e.g., gym equipment, tennis rackets)
Lawn and garden equipment
Tools and hardware
Fire extinguishers
Household fixtures (e.g., light fixtures, hardware)


Where Custom Finishes Come to Life
At AFI Powder Coating and Sandblasting Solutions, we proudly offer an extensive selection of colors, textures, and glosses. Thanks to our strong partnerships with top powder manufacturers, we can accommodate nearly any custom order. While our standard inventory includes over 300 variations, we can access an almost unlimited palette to meet your specific needs. Please note, the colors displayed on our website are for general reference only. Variations in monitors, printers, and other devices mean the colors you see may differ slightly from the actual product.
Black Fine Texture 
Safety Yellow 
White Semi Matte
Oyster White 
Statuary Bronze
Window Grey
Black Semi Gloss
Roman Bronze 
Signal Blue 
Jet Black 
Carmine Red
Bengal White 

Unlock Your Potential With Our Expertise

With over three decades of experience in the complex world of powder coating, AFI has the knowledge and expertise to help your business thrive. Our consulting services cater to a diverse range of clients, from industrial and manufacturing sectors to architectural firms and hobbyists. We understand the intricacies of powder coating and can guide you in optimizing your processes, improving quality, and enhancing profitability.

Invest in your future by collaborating with AFI's seasoned professionals. Let us help you navigate the challenges, streamline your operations, and achieve exceptional results consistently. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our expertise can elevate your powder coating endeavors to new heights.


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